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ТЕМА: he water is sweet. I have had

he water is sweet. I have had 5 мес. 1 нед. назад #51540

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rn into their laughter. When I haven��t baked sweet potatoes for many years, I occasionally want to eat them. I buy them on the street, and I don��t have the taste of the year. Now think about what I am obsessed with is not the sweet potato flavor, but the taste of childhood. On the day of the trip, I checked the horoscope on the Internet. The fortune says that it is suitable for wearing bright colors today. I got up and went to the closet and rummaged. I was shocked by myself. The black is white in the closet, or it is gray. I can hardly find another color. If the girl��s wardrobe is like a multicolored candy. If you are in the house, then I am afraid I can take old photos. However, my mother doesn��t like the rich colors in her memory. She especially doesn��t like the red and green. Most of the clothes I have made are also solid colors Cigarettes Online . There is a white dress that my mother gave me. The skirt is black and it looks simple and generous. So I have not been willing to let my mother throw it away. Now, in retrospect, my current style is probably also by my mother Newport 100S . The place where I lived before I was two years old is in an old house. The old house is made of indigo bricks. The gray tiles are carved with patterns on the tiles. Although not exquisite, they are also generous. Not big, only three, the door is also made by Dad, the sturdy and beautiful artichoke, it is very stylish. The door is facing south, and the light is also full. That is why I always like to move a small stool and sit there listening to my mother telling a story. Westinghouse is our bedroom. As for the East House, I don��t remember much. The Westinghouse is extremely simple, with a bed on the north side of the wall. The bed is small and clean and comfortable. There is a box of about one meter on the side of the bed. The opposite side of the box is a yellow solid cabinet. Pliers a large glass, beautiful and clear. The light above the box is a kerosene lamp in my memory. In my meager memory, there is such a scene. My mother is sewing something under the kerosene lamp. I am playing on the bed, the time is quiet and peaceful. As for the others, I don't have any impression that the house is very small, but the yard is very spacious. My mother is a clean woman. The courtyard is clean and neat, and even the leaves are not left. The east side of the yard is a pond. It is soft green and green, and there is a jujube tree in the yard. The jujube tree is very large Newport Cigarettes Coupons , and it can almost shade our whole yard. When the date is cooked, my father will take the bamboo raft to give me the date to eat. I will sit under the tree and eat sweet. At this time, my mother will come over and blame Dad, and Dad smiles and says, "Eat a little bit, it doesn't matter.", Mom will have a blank eye and no more words. There is a row of mulberry trees behind the yard, about three or four trees, but there is no mulberry in the memory. However, at that time, the most staying was the pond. The pond was very deep and the water was very clear. Every time I think about it, I will remember the poem "The sunrise is like a fire, the spring is green and the blue is blue." The pool water is tasteful. It is a kind of indigo that feels like the rainy grass. It is not good, but the water is sweet. I have had it a few times. Although the village is guarded, the water
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