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ТЕМА: , the season of passing,

, the season of passing, 5 мес. 1 нед. назад #51539

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As the footsteps of the fall approach, I know that this world is no longer my own. I am just a piece of fallen leaves. No matter how much disappointment in my heart, I can only pack my bags and keep it in my heart. Come back when you bloom. I have never thought about the reasons for the fall of the leaves, only knowing the inevitable result of the seasonal change. Occasionally think about it: I have experienced a spring and a hundred flowers and autumn months, summer has a cool breeze, winter has snow, alternating seasons, but can not stop the rotation of the season. When the autumn wind blows up, don't be sad for the falling leaves, as long as you remember, your I have been to the world. For example, the red maple leaf is engraved on the branches, but the footsteps are short-lived, but it is the blood of all my life. Every gathering is an eternal, the same season, ordinary days, we break ground and catch up with the spring. In the hot summer, it has grown lush foliage, setting off the fruitful golden autumn, feeling the sweetness and happiness of life together, burning the season with the fire of life, also embellishing the world, beautifying the soul. As time goes by, we still have the future to imagine the beauty of spring, enjoy the summer, and it has ended in a hurry---our journey is quietly falling from the branches, please don't feel sorry for me because Falling leaves are not the end of life Cheap Cigarettes , but the beginning of a new life. Looking out from the window, the autumn rains, the passion of the summer has faded the gorgeous coat, and the story of autumn is slowly being staged, or happy or sad, cut constantly, and still chaos me, is autumn, unique to autumn Feelings. Although there is no sentimental trait Carton Of Cigarettes , it will occasionally become melancholy. Even a delicate phrase will be touched. I am especially fond of reading the poet Li Qingzhao��s "Sound Slow", which broke the past. The poetry mode makes the future generations read and not bored. "Looking for ����, cold and clear, miserable and miserable", the first fourteen overlapping words subtly highlight the psychology of the literati, but they want to spit the heart but no one listens, even if the crowd finds him thousands of Baidu, there is a love lang Huang Quan has no idea that people and ghosts are separated and separated Cigarettes For Sale , and the feelings are cut, and the rain is sorrowful. The depression in the heart is even more desolate in the autumn cool. It is because of this desolate, the poet borrows alcohol to eliminate the sputum. Wine, how can he be enemies to come to the wind!" At that time, the Northern Song Dynasty died, the only person outside the body, while losing the husband, can not dispel the loneliness of his heart, the cool autumn of the water, it is even worse, the words are bitter Words. Three or two glasses of light wine into the heart, unfortunately toasting is more embarrassing, is it wine or tears? I was swallowed by the lyrics together, and the drunkenness was mixed with the sorrowfulness. How can I get through this long night, the cold is not just this annoying autumn, but also the broken heart of the word, the heart is like water, the cool can be imagined is the wine into the intestines It��s even more embarrassing, and the autumn rain outside the window slams the sorrow of the phoenix tree. Isn��t it the heart that beats the word? It is no wonder that the singer��s sigh of "this time, how can a word be sung" can be sighed, and the "��" that autumn and heart condense, covers the thousands of thoughts of the literati, is it a slap? Unfamiliar Jiangnan, a difficult living, a lonely, unsolvable state of mind, no regrets about the love of the husband and the sorrow... This situation can be known? Mo! Mo! I couldn't help but shudder from the sorrow of the literati. Instead, I missed the summer sun and the enthusiasm. However, this is only a momentary dream, the season of passing, like the scenery along the way, past, there will only be memories, leaving a dream.
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