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ТЕМА: war, I climbed the wa

war, I climbed the wa 4 мес. 1 ч. назад #49394

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saline-alkali land is full of weeds, and the poisonous mosquitoes are all big-eyed, with gray belly and squatting. If you keep tapping, you will still be attacked, and red packets will be raised on your legs, arms and face. But when you get here, the sun doesn't feel big anymore, and you don't feel tired when you are tired. We should hold our breath, the hidden mysterious paradise, the openness of the film and the horizon, because of the vastness and tranquility, and the extension of the boundless blue, I am surging at a certain moment to the age of six. I walked through the seven-eight-mile road. What I saw at sea, did the sea make me cheer Wholesale Cigarettes , all of them were blank in the memory. All I can remember is that after returning from the beach, my brother and I were beaten by my mother. I remember in the war, I climbed the wall and ran away. My mother was holding corn mustard in the village and looking for me. I remember that I didn't dare to go home that night and slept to my grandmother's house Marlboro Red . At that time, what I was afraid of was my mother��s fight. What my mother is afraid of is that her eight-year-old son and six-year-old daughter will be washed away by the ruthless waves, fearing that two ignorant children will lose their way in the boundless sea and cannot find their way home. The fear is the tide, and we still don��t know how to go ashore. The imaginary ocean has no shape at all in my young heart. I am just a savvy towed person. I don��t know what is ahead. There is a desire, an image, a beauty and a joy. There may be above the clouds. Beyond life Cheap Cigarettes . In the journey of life, most people are not willing to take the initiative to find the road. The road is naturally placed at the foot. People are consciously or unconsciously drawn by habits and common sense. They are drawn by the expectations of the ancestors who are accustomed to it. Eye traction. Time trains rushed along the set track. Derailment means danger and unknown fear, or drifting with the flow. Everyone's place is the same. The same sticking and boring from that Shanghai, it became me playing. The best place to go. The adults slowly relaxed their control and told us about the tides of the sea, when it went up, and when it fell. Every summer vacation, I almost always go back and forth to the sea, and the whole person is like a black iron egg. Those tiny soft sands, stepping up barefoot and watching the sand coming out from the toes, the sparkling water is so addictive, there are small crabs in the water, the shoal nest on the shoal, where you can find each We use a variety of small creatures that cannot be named, we will study the shape of their sockets, we will dig them up and go to the shallows to catch them. After catching them, some will be opened with stones and filled directly into the mouth. Some also took home, let the parents see, we have more ability, how many sea goods come back today. But more importantly, these little creatures are accompanying us to play, they are natural partners and toys. How many villagers are eating sea by the sea. I don��t know if my parents used to go to school to raise a shovel for the sake of raising a family��s time. In order to earn a living meal, I don��t know that my father��s 12-year-old arched glass box in deep water caught the storm and the tide was almost met by the sea. Ruthlessly curling up the sea, she looks so peaceful and quiet, curled up in her arms, you think you conquered and led her, you are her world. However, when she was angry, how many fishing boats and fishermen became her sacrifices.
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